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Buying A House In Canada

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions and investments a person will ever make. Most people will make this purchase at least once in their lives. The advancement of technology has benefitted purchasers tremendously in the search process.

Buying a house can be a very stressful and complicated process – so fortunately there are experts available to help guide you through. In this guide we shall look at the pros and cons of using a real estate agent to help you buy a house and how to choose the right one. 
Why you Should Use a Real Estate Agent to Help You Buy a House

Most people who buy a house will use a real estate agent – and with good reason. Real estate agents are trained professionals who have all the knowledge and expertise to help you purchasing your perfect home. 
Real estate agents are free for the buyer to use – so by hiring one you are not risking any costs – these are all accrued by the seller. So you get expert advice and help for zero financial risk. 

You also have the advantage of access to listing services. Real estate agents have access to a listing service which consumers cannot get. They can use this to give you real-time information on the latest houses that are up for sale in your area. They can input your requirements, such as a 4-bedroom town house under $400,000 and all the available houses with these factors will come up for you to look at. 
The real estate agent can organize visits to houses that you like the look of. Once you have looked around a house the real estate agent is there to help answer any questions you have by drawing on their expertise and past experiences. 
The major advantage of using a real estate agent to help you buy a house is that they make the process much faster, simpler and easier. Even if you are an experienced home-mover, the process is still very complex and hiring a professional is the safest option. Real estate agents can warn you of any potential problems and issues that may relate to the home you want to buy or the area you want to buy in. They are able to spot bargains and advise you on whether a house is a good purchase or not. 
Disadvantages to Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Help You Move House

Not everyone chooses to use a real estate agent, and those that don’t should proceed with caution and be sure they understand the complexities of buying a house before signing any contracts.The major disadvantage to hiring a real estate agent to help you move house is that the real estate agent is legally hired by the seller of the houses. It is the seller who pays the agent – so although the real estate agent will be very helpful to you they are essentially working for the seller. 

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While buying a house one can start their search through the newspaper classifieds and online sites for the various real estate firms locally. It is recommended that you enlist the assistance of a local real estate agent. Ask around to friends, family and work colleagues if there is anyone they could recommend. If you are looking in a place farther away from where you are currently at, consider speaking to the area real estate board for an agent referral. Real estate agents get the majority of their business through the referral process. When you enlist a Real Estate agent they usually split the commission on any purchase with a listing agent.

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Having an agent in the listing process will usually cost you nothing. The agent is working towards the split commission and the good ones will not try to nickel and dime you in the search process.   

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The agent will assist in buying a house by making all of the resources available in the search. On your initial meeting you can have a complete list of what you are looking for in a house. A great agent will offer more suggestions that you might not have thought of when drafting your initial wish list.

Real Estate Advice And Tips

While technology has provided home purchasers the chance to have more available resources and listings before them, it has also provided real estate agents the opportunity to better serve clients whether buyers or sellers.